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Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a radio communication technique which converts hardware problems to software problems using a programmable processing system. With the increase of SDR applications, the demand for high bandwidth and processing power also increased. Therefore, the SDR system needs a programmable and scalable multi-core high performance hardware architecture. In this workshop, the student will learn and understand basic working of SDR. The student will also program SDR application on scalable multi-core, programmable and parameterizable High Performance Software Defined Radio system architecture and development environment.

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Agenda of the Workshop (Slides)

1.  Understand Software Defined Radio Architecure (slides)

2.  Programming Toolkit GNU Radio (slides)


         a) Software installation
              b) Libraries configuration
              c)  Download Tutorials Tut1, Tut2, Tut3, Tut4, Tut5

3.  Operating System and Processing System

              a) RISC/GPU/FPGA based multi-core system architecture
              b) Linux SDR OS (Pentoo VboxSkywave Linux)

4.  Hands on Projects (


    a) SDR Frequency Analyzer
              b) FM Receiver
              c) FM Transmitter and Receiver
              d) Video Transmission
              e) GSM Signal Tracing 

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Workshop on Software Defined Radio