Parallel Processor System Architecture

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The shift towards multi-core computer architectures poses several challenges for computer architects. With each new technology generation, there will be a significant increase in the number of transistors. In this course, students will study how to establish processor structures that can transform the rise in transistors into an equal improvement in computational performance efficiency. The student will take start from learning basic architecture of single processor (core) to improve single-thread performance, via the design of the memory system, bus interconnect networks and will end at cluster architecture having multiple processor cores.

The course "Parallel Processor System Architecture" covers computer system issues like Power wall, Memory Wall, and Programmability wall by using the cutting-edge Xilinx all programmable FPGAs and single computer boards.

Introduction to Parallel Computer Architecture

MultiĀ­core Parallel System Design

Introduction to Parallel Computing

ILP: Instruction Level Parallelism

TLP: Thread Level Parallelism

TLP for Multiprocessors System

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