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         The twenty-first century is dominated by the "information age" that has the great impact on the society as did the "industrial age" of the twentieth century. On the other side digital electronics is doubling its performance in every two years.  In this era, big data processing opens a new dimension to take advance decisions by applying different computer architecture system techniques. It allows complex and compute-intensive problems to solve in the real-time environment.

   UCERD research gives novel ideas for the problems related to the applications e.g. avionics, embedded industrial controls, embedded networking, industrial routing & switching, and general purpose embedded computing systems, Automation and Process, Avionics and Defense, Communications and Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Security, Space, Video and Imaging. The UCERD research team generate novel system architectures and programming environment to execute the applications. The processing architectures can have heterogeneous multi-cores supporting SIMD and MIMD instruction set architecture, reconfigurable hardware accelerators, and specialized memory and bus systems. The UCERD Research Groups are mentioned below.

1. Supercomputing Reserch Group (ScRG)

2. Software Defined Radio Reserch Group (SDRRG)

3. Iridology Research Group (IRG)

4. Medical Signal Processing Reserch Group (MSPRG)

5. Digital System Design Reserch Group (DSDRG)

6. Data Acquisition Reserch Group (DARG)

7. Embedded Computer Vision Reserch Group (ECVRG)

8. Processor based System Research Group (PSRG)
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