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UCERD Teams Won Two Positions at DICE Mega Event 2017

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Supercomputing System for Artificial Intelligence

High Performance Software Defined Radio

UCERD Team Secured Multiple Positions at DICE Mega Innovation Entrepreneurship Event Pakistan 2017

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DICE - Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is lifeblood of any nation and economy and is a key ingredient behind its sustainable progress and prosperity. DICE is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation, USA aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the country at all levels. DICE is an umbrella program, and there are several major platforms currently active under this program. The main objective of each of these platforms is to jump start cycle of innovation in the country necessary for its sustainable development, progress and economic prosperity. DICE is the oldest innovation platform in Pakistan and is being fully supported by all major stakeholders - academia, industry, government, expatriates and international NGOs, since 2007.