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Professional Trainings, Workshops and Events
        The UCERD Professional Trainings, Workshops and Events provide information about state of the art tools, techniques, and technologies. It gives skills that enable students to develop the insight needed to discover and solve the problems related to engineering and science, successfully manage and execute research and development projects. UCERD trainings, workshops and events target global scope aiming at updating participants about the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing areas of different technolgies.

The main focus of the UCERD workshops is to provide lifelong learning skills and experiences. In the end, students are able to solve real-life problems by using novel techniques, cutting edge technology and latest programming tools.

1. Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence Workshop
2.  Software Defined Radio Workshop
3.  Single Board Computer Workshop
4.  Computer Vision Workshop
5.  Python for Signal and Image Processing Workshop
6.  Internet of Things Workshop
7.  Embedded System on Chip Design workshop
8.  Machine and Deep Learning Workshop

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