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Bioinformatics and biomedical technology is an emerging technology that is attracting the attention of digital designers, due to the important challenges it presents from the performance point of view. Signal processing is one of the fundamental tasks of biomedical applications and the starting point of almost all analysis that imply more complex tasks. The Medical Signal Processing Research Group (MSPRG) links the digital design and medical problems by providing medical application-specific hardware and software application. The MSPRG targets computerization of medical applications that reduce the medical doctor's workload.

Some of MSPRG ongoing projects are:

           Biomedical Application Processing System
           Artificial Intelligence for Heart Diseases
           Applying Deep Learning Approaches on BCI Applications
           Wireless Body Area Network
           Iris Based Disease Diagnosis System
Team Leader :
           Dr. Tassadaq Hussain

Members : 

           Prof. Dr. Abdelmalik TALEB-AHMED
           Amna Haider