Micro Electro Mechanical System
The MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) are miniaturized structures, sensors, actuators, and microelectronics; the most famous elements are the microsensors and microactuators. Microsensors and microactuators are correctly categorized as “transducers”, which are distinct as devices that alter energy from one form to another.
The last decade witnessed an explosive increase in research and development efforts devoted to advanced micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS).
MEMS sensor technology is well-known, and has brought benefits to wide-ranging applications. These devices are based on a surface micromachining process that has been used by Analog Devices to produce over 250 million sensors. In next decade, MEMS devices are going to penetrate into IT, telecommunications, automotive, life sciences, medical and implantable applications, automotive safety, consumer and industrial applications.
MEMS and Nanotechnology is enabling new discoveries in science and engineering such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction, microsystems for DNA amplification and identification etc.
There are a wide variety of applications for MEMS in medicine. The first and by far the most successful application of MEMS in medicine (at least in terms of number of devices and market size) are MEMS pressure sensors, which have been in use for several decades.
Communication systems
High frequency circuits are benefiting considerably from the advent of RF-MEMS technology. Electrical components such as inductors and tunable capacitors can be improved significantly compared to their integrated counterparts if they are made using MEMS and Nanotechnology.
Intertial intelligence systems
MEMS inertial sensors, specifically accelerometers and gyroscopes, are quickly gaining market acceptance.  More recently, MEMS gyroscopes have been developed for both automobile and consumer electronics applications.

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